On Saturday, June 15, a painting by an Odessa artist was stolen from the Kyiv contemporary art center, PinchukArtCentre. The stolen work is one of the pieces by the master Andriy Lavrykov. The center announced that the thief has two days to return the painting.

This was reported by the publication “Antikor.” The incident occurred on Saturday, June 15, during the exhibition.

“The theft of one of the works by the master Andriy Lavrykov (1975-2017, an underground artist from Odessa) was reported to the police by the head of security last Saturday evening. Investigators are currently determining how the thief managed to remove the painting past security,” the report states.

The value of the stolen painting is also being assessed.

“A criminal case has been initiated under part 4 of article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — Theft with penetration, committed during martial law,” the publication writes.

The thief could face up to 8 years in prison. Additionally, as noted by the publication, the investigation is currently checking the involvement of employees who had access to the exhibition.

The editorial office of “Telegraph” tried to contact the PinchukArtCentre Museum of Contemporary Art and the exhibition curator directly, but no one responded. Instead, a message about the theft appeared on the museum’s official Facebook page.

“PinchukArtCentre reports the theft of an artwork from the current exhibition. A corresponding statement has been submitted to the police. Despite our cameras clearly capturing the perpetrator’s face, we urge him to return the work within 2 days,” the message reads.

The Artist Andriy Lavrykov

Andriy Lavrykov, also known as Borman (1975-2017), was an underground artist from Odessa. In 2012-2013, Andriy Lavrykov participated in several contemporary art exhibitions in Odessa galleries and even held a solo exhibition.

Foto https://new.pinchukartcentre.org/en/exhibitions/insubordinate