In this mesmerizing piece titled "Homesickness" Spialuna delves into the complexities of longing and belonging through the lens of abstraction. The canvas comes alive with a striking interplay of vivid blue and serene green patches, creating an emotional landscape that resonates with viewers on a profound level.

At the heart of the composition lies the horizon line, a subtle yet powerful symbol of the yearning for a place to call home. It acts as a poignant reminder of the distance between the present reality and the cherished memories of a familiar abode.

The focal point, however, is the dreamlike shoreline of a river that mirrors an enchanting city-forest, perched atop a mystical hill. The reflection creates a mesmerizing visual duality, blurring the boundaries between reality and the artist’s inner world. The city-forest, an ethereal sanctuary, is emblematic of the artist’s imaginings of an ideal home, a utopia Spialuna deeply craves.

Patina can also evoke a sense of decay or transience, which can be used to explore themes of impermanence and the passage of time. The patina effect can add depth and texture to the artwork, making it visually engaging and inviting viewers to explore the surface of the piece more closely. This can enhance the emotional impact by drawing the viewer into the artwork.

The fluidity of abstraction allows viewers to project their own emotions onto the canvas, making the experience deeply personal and introspective. As one gazes at the interplay of colors and forms, a sense of longing and nostalgia envelopes the soul, as if being swept away by the currents of the river.

“Homesickness” of Spialuna is a powerful testament to the universal human desire for belonging and the connection to a place called home. With each brushstroke, the artist masterfully captures the essence of an emotional journey, inviting viewers to embark on their own introspective exploration of the concept of home. The painting serves as a visual voyage into the heart of homesickness, where the imaginary meets the real, and the dream of a comforting sanctuary takes flight in the boundless realm of abstraction.

Who is Spialuna?

As an amateur artist who has twice been forced to flee from the ravages of war, I find myself navigating the daunting challenges of homelessness in a foreign land. My artistic journey has been deeply impacted by the traumatic experiences I have endured, leaving a profound mark on my mental health and emotional well-being.

Through my art, I strive to externalize the rawness of my emotions, using intense colors to vividly depict the chaos and turmoil that swirls within me. Each stroke of my brush and every sketch I create becomes a powerful means of communication, a way to express the pain, fear, and profound loneliness that haunts me on this arduous path.

Living in a foreign country, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and language barriers, I feel profoundly isolated and disconnected from others. This sense of alienation only serves to intensify my anxiety, making it difficult to forge meaningful connections or seek the support I so desperately crave. A deep yearning for the sense of belonging and safety I lost during the horrors of war echoes in the depths of my soul.

The trauma of war and displacement has left its mark on my ability to concentrate and focus. It is a constant challenge to summon the motivation to create art or engage in activities that once brought me joy. What was once my sanctuary of solace has now become a daunting escape from the harsh realities I face daily.

Nightmares and haunting flashbacks relentlessly revisit me, forcing me to relive the horrors of war, making a peaceful night’s sleep elusive. This lack of rest further exacerbates the emotional and mental struggles that leave me feeling drained and emotionally vulnerable.

Each day is a relentless battle between hope and despair. While I endeavor to hold onto the belief that things will eventually improve, the grim reality often overshadows these fleeting moments of optimism, pushing me deeper into a state of helplessness and desolation.

As I seek asylum in this foreign land, the constant fear of rejection or deportation looms over me like a dark cloud, adding to the heavy burden on my already fragile mental health. The uncertainty about my future weighs heavily on my mind and heart.

In every brushstroke, every sketch, and every artistic expression, I leave a part of my soul, hoping that my art can become a beacon of light in the darkness, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a call for compassion and understanding in a world torn apart by conflict.

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