On July 7th, at 5:00 PM, the opening of the relevant exhibition project by students of NAOMA “Wounds of Cities” will take place at the National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery.” The conceptual basis of all participants’ works is the understanding of the tragic present through the prism of the devastating impact of war on cities.

A city is an integral organism, and the destruction or loss of any part irreversibly changes its appearance, leaving deep scars that will always remind us of the past. Each artist reflects the theme of the wounded city in their works, immersing us in a whirlpool of emotions and experiences associated with the destruction of what we call home.

The interpretation of the role of architectural heritage began with the context of barbaric development of Ukrainian cities and later shifted to the devastating consequences brought about by war. The artists document these destructive consequences in their works, from literal picturesque representations of contemporary cities by Maxim Malilio and Anatoliy Pogorilyy, influenced by the hasty creation of monumental character (murals in various public places), to the metaphorical works of Roman Dorchynets depicting a person in a state of suspended animation.

The paintings are organically complemented by graphic compositions by Orest Hirny, which resonate with the approach to creating architectural projects, combining various building plans and materials. An exceptional part of the exhibition is the voluminous spatial works by Yelyzaveta Derzhavytska – miniatures of ruined houses with interiors reproduced down to the tiniest details, creating an effect of presence. Until 2022, the artist mainly worked with graphic pieces, but strong emotions and life changes prompted Yelyzaveta to turn to miniatures.

The goal of the creative group is not merely to state the facts: each work becomes an opportunity to draw even more attention from the whole world to the losses that our culture and art bear, with the belief in the preservation of what remains and the restoration of what is no longer there.

Project group: Olena Borymska, Anastasiia Shvydiuk, Olexandra Ryzhova, Olexandra Kabakova, Iryna Khomenko.

The exhibition will open on July 7th at 5:00 PM (free admission). The exhibition will be held from July 7th to August 6th. Full ticket price is 150 UAH (concessions – 75 UAH).

The museum welcomes visitors at 9 Tereshchenkivska Street, according to its regular schedule: (from 11 AM to 6 PM, except for Mondays and Thursdays; from 11 AM to 7 PM on Tuesdays).

The National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery,” which celebrated its centenary in 2022, is one of the oldest and most well-known art museums in Ukraine, with a collection of over 14,000 paintings, works on paper, sculptures, and decorative-applied art items. While preserving and popularizing classic art, the museum also strives to be at the forefront of contemporary demands. During times of wartime hardship, organizing exhibitions of modern painting and other artistic events became the main activity of the Kyiv Picture Gallery, serving as a means of reflecting topical issues through the perspectives of Ukraine’s best artists.

Foto of artwork Derzhavytska Yelyzaveta, “Coming Home….,” 2022, author’s technique (Photos provided by the National Museum “Kyiv Picture Gallery” as part of the project “Wounds of Cities,” 2023)


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